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Christine As the population of Bedford is expanding with more building being undertaken therefore more new families moving into our area what is the sense of taking away a hospital service that is already over used with a stretched A&E. We need an expanded hospital service in Bedford not a service that is cutting the most needed. A&E and maternity. The walk in service is fine but anything more than a few antibiotics or an odd stitch  they then  send you down to A&E.
Margaret I can see how theoretically an integrated service would work but the cost of getting this off the ground would surely be totally prohibitive,  We seem to be permanently searching for enough staff to fill vacancies in the Care in the Home or Care in the Community sectors at the moment mainly due to low salary levels.  If salaries are to rise, as they surely should, where would this money come from to encourage people into this sector?  They would also have to be trained – further costs! Have the people compiling these reports sat in the traffic on either the M1 or A6 going to the Luton & Dunstable Hospital, particularly during the daily busy times during the work and school runs in the morning and afternoon/evening?? Similarly going to Milton Keynes Hospital. I can only imagine the fear of having to be transferred over these distances for example with either a perforated bowel or even an aneurism.  Yes maybe the problem would be assessed here but there is then still the journey ahead!  Visiting time would become horrendous. Has anyone costed the extra ambulances needed to ferry people between the hospitals?  Would this mean that we would have less ambulances available for emergency requirements?  Where would they and the extra staff needed come from? I can’t understand how the above conclusions can be reached without knowing the financial state of both Luton & Dunstable and Milton Keynes Hospitals.  Surely to make any sensible decisions these must be considered simultaneously. We are told that Milton Keynes Hospital has a large deficit so how can they take on any more patients? Finally have we got a satisfactory Computer Management System that could handle the complexities of moving patients here, there and everywhere?  Presently, whichever hospital a patient goes into as an emergency, personal information is required numerous times.  Surely this is a total waste of manpower hours.  How much worse will it be if a patient is moved from hospital to hospital in this way? I can see no mention in the Report of Oncolog,y or planned Surgical procedures requiring time in hospital rather than Day Surgery.  There is so much missing from the Report that I feel quite worried as we have received, and are receiving, such amazing treatment from Bedford Hospital that the thought of it all being disbanded is really quite terrifying I would love to see the figures showing the financial savings that could be made from this plan???
Barry Each hospital in the footprint is currently around the optimum size to facilitate efficient, and so cost effective, operation. Making one or two hospitals larger by centering basic services there will cost, not save, money and will deliver worse care to the population. Travel costs and difficulties and increasing local populations will make centering of services fraught with difficulties. Best to maintain the LOCAL hospital services and network only specialist services which cannot be efficiently located locally. Bedford hospital currently generally offers a good local health service.
Paul Given the size of Bedford and the onward increases in the local population there can be no question of down-grading or reducing the services available. On the question of cost and finance there are many ways in which this situation can be improved without imposing cuts of the type proposed. The NHS is NOT short of money but totally lacks any form of effective management which wastes resources, does not obtain best value and fails dismally to manage a coherent staff training regime thus ensuring a suitable supply of doctors, nurses and other support staff. The overall management structure is top heavy and needs drastic pruning to sharpen the focus on the real problems. The NHS also needs to revert to its primary purpose of concentrating on the health of the nation and stop providing peripheral services which do not fit into this primary function.
Sarah The most important functions of the hospital as I see it as a local resident are that of A&E and maternity as they currently stand. Bedford and the surrounding villages are expanding rapidly with the huge increase in new build developments, particularly for families or young people starting families. The hospital is needed to support this growing population. It is unacceptable for a town as large as Bedford to not have a major hospital providing these services.
Steven With Bedford growing it would be a ludicrous suggestion to down size its hospital in any shape or form. The papers indicated a request to build a new hospital in the area close to Cranfield / Woburn Sands recently, l believe that that money would be better spent improviing both the current hospitals in Bedford and Milton Keynes and not excusing house builders the opportunity to destroy more of our countryside by building another hospital that we can ill afford to run.
Adriana Has the N H S gone completely silly? No body could in there right mind agree to any such proposals. I have lived in Bedford for the best part of 60 years we have a good Hospital in Bedford (Alas I have had to use you can not fault the hospital / staff) why change something that works for OUR community.
rodney Has the N H S gone mad yet again how anyone could in there right mind agree to any such proposals. The size of our ever growing community with new build of housing schools where on earth do all these people go?. By the time, you reach the Hospital from Bedford to Either Luton Town / Milton Keynes Town you could well be passed the designated time for some one who has had a stroke of an R T A
Janet I read with interest, the details given below regarding, (1)The Team, (2)The population and Bedford being in the top list of Hospitals(3)The New Approach.  It mentions ‘Ensure that health and care services are built around the needs of local populations, and provide improved health and wellbeing, transformed quality of care delivery and have sustainable finances’  I seriously question that this criteria can be fulfilled under the proposals. I strongly disagree with Bedford Hospital no longer being a main A&E Hospital.  My family having had cause to use this facility I know how worrying this time can be and how a family needs to be together at such times.  Sending patients far and wide is not conducive to supporting patients and family.  If this had happened in my Mothers situation, I would not have been with her when she died.  Frightening for all concerned.  I have no means of getting to L & D Hospital and in a recent situation attempt to get a taxi  one way journey was quoted as £48 plus waiting time then the return fare.  How many people can afford this?  This is just the logistics for patients.  (Can apply to A&E and maternity Services too) As for the care and service at Bedford, I have nothing but praise for staff and facilities.  MK and L&D have had bad reviews about the care they offer.  One cannot have confidence in sub standard hospitals and why down grade a hospital like Bedford which has so much to offer.  Bedfordshire have a rapidly expanding population yes, but, so have MK and Luton so how can they possibly cope as they clearly cant at the moment let alone their own increases and ours.  i really dont think the whole situation has been looked at realistically and with the best interests of Bedford Hospital and its patients. . Read the local obituary columns.  Those that have come to the end of their life NOT due to Bedford Hospital  I might add,  have family and friends stating in the obituary columns that their loved one ‘Passed away surrounded by family/friends’   Future obituary columns will read, ‘Passed away alone half way up the M1 (or A421) whilst being transported without family/friends but for financial savings for Bedford Hospital’..  Shocking but sadly true.  More like cattle market logic than a caring profession.  Please, Think on.    I thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment I do hope you are listening.  Thank you.
Peter I strongly disagree that Bedford Hospital should be down graded. All hospitals are seriously over stretched already, so it is not a good idea to down grade this one. All the departments in Bedford Hospital are always very busy as is A & E, therefore I feel that this idea about down grading should be consigned to the dustbin.
Clive With all the new development in and around Bedford the population will inevitably increase which in turn will put pressure on all existing medical services. Closing the closest hospital and sending patients twenty miles to the next nearest facility will increase pressure on those facilities as well as increasing risk to patients due to travel time and vastly increase pressure on the remaining facilities. Put the investment that would be required to bring L&D and MK hospitals to a level to cope with the increase in patient numbers in to Bedford hospital.
Samantga I have recently undergone surgery at Bedford and the pre-op and operation itself were great and I felt looked after, but then the care I received immediately after the surgery seemed stretched and extremely chaotic. Therefore,  if certain services / operations are reduced at Bedford then hopefully a more structured after care service can be organised.  That being said, I originally attended Lister Hospital over 7 months prior to investigation in Bedford over the same issue, & the a&e department failed to diagnose the problem, partly because it was overstretched and waiting time was around 7 hours,  but also because the consultant there didn’t really want to look into the issue further! If you’re going to have more referrals to Lister, more staff will need to be employed there!
Andrea With the rapidly increasing population in the Bedford area the full service is needed for local residents to be safe and have the facilities which are paid for by our taxes. This is a poor decision made by MP’s who are working on behalf of corporate organisations and not to benefit the people who elect them. This is corrupt and immoral. In central Beds over the next 5 years 61,000 new homes are being forced on us by the government. We the citizens need and infrastructure which Bedford Hospital is part of. We should t have to fight for common sense to prevail. To make this decision purely in financial matters and not from a point if what the people need could be tantamount to murder.
Kenneth Normal A&E services should always be available
Jenny I feel that both mothers and babies lives could be put at risk if immediate  vital care was delayed while in transit of 30–45min to Luton& Dunstable Hospital from Bedford. I have been a midwife and know how important local services are to both the physical and mental well being of both mother and baby with the support of their family and friends.  .Also the fact that Bedford Hospital has over 3,000 deliveries a year surely warrants their own maternity department. Where is the choice that the government promises us!
Barry Bedford and the surrounding areas need to maintain all its present services. The population is on the increase in Mid Bedfordshire and any cut in services will put an intolerable strain on the services provided by other health care providers and a massive inconvenience to the users of Bedford Hospital facilities particularly those that have to use public transport.
paula there are soooooo many new housing developments going up  – look at the size of the one at shorts town for eg !  not to have our own A&E is stupid –  Bedford is growing, so why would you cut services !
Steve I am totally against any de-classification of Bedford Hospital as a major A&E hospital . Not only should it stay as a major A&E hospital, but emergency general surgery should also remain at Bedford Hospital.
John A Borough the size of Bedford must have local access to :  a) Maternity and Paediatric services  and  b) A basic A & E facility. The idea that local residents will have to travel to Luton & Dunstable for these services is mad, and is definitely not in the best interests of the majority of children and adults in the Borough . There a severe problems getting to L & D during peak rush hours, even with a blue flashing light .
Phyllis Bedford area is large and rapidly expanding, already much building going on in the area with proposals for large settlements therefore the more services retained at Bedford Hospital the better.  It certainly should not under any circumstances lose the main services it provides.
Terence My God! PWC did a review that didn’t shred the company! Just because there is no money doesn’t mean things should be slashed – and then justified. This looks like rationalisation and if more money is needed then find it – (lets change how foreign nationals get OUR health care services – so that they PAY!)
Richard First, I cannot understand why there would be any case for ‘downgrading’ anything which Bedford Hospital currently provides.   Given all the new building around the town, the local population must be expanding considerably.  Add to this the ageing population and it seems to me that, if anything, it could be argued Bedford Hospital should be upgraded.   In addition, how would  ‘downgrading’ the hospital be consistent with the ‘new approach’ of building health and care needs around ‘the local population’? Second, whilst I can understand the theory of specialising some services at one of the 3 hospitals, this has implications for travel, particularly for those who don’t drive or, if one’s treatment means you cannot drive to and from that treatment.   In addition, some conditions require fast treatment e.g. Stroke.  For someone living in Bedford the hospital can be reached in less than half an hour whereas Milton Keynes or the L & D are anything up to an hour away.
madge 1 otter walk Bedford I am 91, and do not drive, i also only have my pension to survive on , i could not afford to travel long distances to get medical care , we need a hospital in Bedford , not miles away . How could we be supported by family so far from home.
susan 1 otter walk Brickhill Bedford I totally agree with the above proposals . A town the size of Bedford  need’s ‘ a full working Hospital , Bedford is also a growing ‘ town , so the need will be even greater , in the coming years.
Alan The town and surrounding area continues to grow, with more and more houses being built and you want to take away much needed local services. This hospital is needed in this community, how much is it going to cost you to transfer and move people between Bedford and Milton Keynes, it just doesnt add up! Keep and save Bedford Hospital!!
Jennifer As a Growing town with a lot of planned development neither of the options of Milton Keynes  or Luton who are also growing in population will be able to offer Bedford the quality of service which it’s citizens currently have – plan for the future not for today!
Patrick Bedford one of the fastest expanding Towns in the anglia region Luton hospital will be incapable of suppling a service to its own area of expansion
LESLEY I firmly agree that Bedford hospital should retain ALL its services.  I (or close family) have had experience of all three hospitals, and Bedford is by far the best.  Both Milton Keynes and Luton & Dunstable appear to be at full capacity already, so how would they cope with Bedford patients as well?  Also, travelling time is a major issue, with journeys averaging about 45 minutes from Bedford to each of the other hospitals  because of heavy traffic, and car parking is already under pressure.  Those without cars would find it difficult, if not impossible, to travel to the other locations from Bedford.
Stephen Instead of spending thousands of pounds on surveys why not spend the money on the hospital services as We are building hundreds of houses in the area it seems totally stupid to Me to even think of moving services to another part of the county or in the case of Milton Keynes another part of the country Bedford is a county town and therefore deserves a decent hospital in my opinion we should be thinking of possibly building another Hospital to cope with the influx of people coming to live in the New houses that are being built all over the place and not cutting services and making life more difficult for people who are I’ll and the relatives who need to visit them
Stephen I think it’s ridiculous to even think about cutting services at Bedford Hospital with all the houses currently being built I feel far from cutting services We should be thinking about building another Hospital and more medical centres to keep up with the ever growing population of Bedford
David Bedford definitely needs its own accident and emergency department and maternity unit
Christine With a growing young population maternity is essential. I also feel that older people may find it difficult to access outpatient appointments if they were not in Bedford. In general I agree that in this day and age specialist units are required.
Roger No way should Bedford hospital services be transfered to Milton Keynes, or Luton.
Roger With existing and proposed increses in housing in the area there is a need for all round medical facilities to be based locally. Traffic congestion and closure of A421 on occasions would severly restrict the ability to obtain medical treatment quicky. Bedford needs a new Major Hospital not to run down the existing facility.
PJ As usual with such biased polls there is no way to express a real opinion in the multiple choice options. I agree with some, but not others, therefore can select no option. In particular, if someone is in need of major surgery after an accident, it is madness to pack them in an ambulance for an hour’s journey somewhere else. Not only does this delay treatment, it also cuts the patient off from visits by family and friends.
Pam Bedford is a provincial town, and it services a reasonably large geographical area. A District General Hospital offering paediatric services and maternity services is definitely required. Paediatric patients and their care would suffer if they had to attend L&D or MK hospital. The population is sufficiently large to warrant full maternity services too. This works! Why destroy it?????/
Richard There should be no loss of services at Bedford Hospital. There is an ever increasing population in Bedfordshire and we should have a hospital that reflects this. Luton and Dunstable is already under pressure in all its services as is Milton Keynes.  It makes no sense to downgrade Bedford. There has been large sums of money spent over the past few year at Bedford .Is this to be wasted?. Politics are being played with people’s lives. How many more costly investigations can they justify.
Philip Bedford is growing by the minute, its about time investment was made for its future rather than cutting services for now.
Maureen I feel that any downgrading of services at Bedford Hospital would be totally unacceptable in view of the number of new houses that are currently being built around Bedford which will vastly increase the population relying on the hospital’s services. With our traffic problems travelling to Milton Keynes & Luton & Dunstable hospitals would cause distress especially to the elderly Surely we should be upgrading Bedford Hospital not downgrading a very good service
Mary There MUST be  A and E and Obs n Gynae at Bedford, unless you want babies being born on grass verges on the A428.
Hannah I believe that the people who drew up these proposals have done so using their knowledge and expertise.
Marilyn Bedford is the county town and the hospital covers a large area. All services at Bedford Hospital need remain open to serve the area yo prevent lives being lost. It is unacceptable for people to have to travel to Luton or Milton Keynes. LIVES BEFORE MONEY!
Marshall seems a reasonable proposal
Chris I feel Bedford is a growing town and desrves the right to full hospital services as described. I am a born and bred resident of Bedford and find it disgusting that any proposal to completely downgrade our hospital services would ever be considered. To have to travel 15 to 25 miles for A&E would be terrible and possibly life threatening it could mean at least an hour to get full medical help at the wrong time of day. I appreciate that some treatments are better in specialist units but this should be after local assesment. I hope you can put a good enough case forward to at least keep the above proposals.
Melvyn As the Bedford community is growing with young and old citizens, the services at Bedford Hospital should be expanded and not decreased. Unfortunately other counties are also experiencing the same problems as Bedford so I wonder why the local governments don’t get together and lobby central government for more funding. Perhaps if the health minister had to wait four hours on a trolley before being transported 20 miles to somewhere with A & E he may change his mind about funding.
Maria Bedford is a wonderful hospital, my grandson was born there this year & the care that both he & my daughter received was outstanding. Without a Maternity unit at Bedford she would never have made it to MK hospital & would have probably given birth in an ambulance..taking up another valuable resource, that could have been dealing with an emergency. At one wk old my grandson had to be re-admitted to Bedford with a potential life threatening problem that subsequently required surgery & transfer to Addenbrookes. Once again Bedford Hospital’s care was outstanding. As the population is growing all the time in Bedford, not to mention MK & Luton I believe quality of care & life will be threatened with this closure.
jean I feel that it is very important for people to have access to emergency services including Maternity close by, considering the worsening traffic problems, increased population and decreased public transport. It is no use advising speedy intervention in stroke for example if it takes 40 minutes to get to the nearest hospital. I realise that paramedics are being trained to provide treatment in transit but these services are also limited.
Paul I believe Bedford due to its size and location can justify a full general hospital, whilst recognising that some specialist treatments, need to be networked.  A & E, maternity etc., need to continue at Bedford Hospital
Malcolm Bedford as a town is growing now faster than is have ever done in the past, new houses are being built an an alarming rate to keep up with demand. How are these network hospitals going to cope with the increasing demand from the increasing population without extending the hospitals. Where is the sense in transporting patients across the county to a hospital that family and relatives cannot access easily if at all creating extra traffic on the congested roads. This sounds like a scheme to make short term savings and not a long term health cars plan. Please listen to the local community and not to consultants from London who are being paid to save money not lives.
Joseph If Bedford Hospital is downgraded, my family and myself will move away. People wont stay in a town of this size without basic health amenities. I appreciate that the NHS is in some trouble but this is not an option! I know that I am wasting my breath (typing time…) and this will happen anyway but goodbye Bedford and goodbye UK. I am no longer proud to be in the country. previously proud to be British Joe
Alison I feel that lives will be at risk. I think it will isolate elderly patients from their elderly family members, husbands, wives, partners. We have a growing elderly population.
Graham 1, Prinknash Road, Bedford This is  a sizable town, and it needs its own facilities. The paper exercise of tidying, which is what these proposals amount to, would take us down to a third world level. I can only assume that the people who worked on this have better facilities at their disposal, and that they do not understand the stress and upset that having to travel to other towns would cause someone already distressed by their illness.
Catherine How will expectant families of a low income, potentially without a car, get to the maternity wards in Luton and Milton Keynes in the lead up to the birth?  It is dangerous and discriminatory.
Flora I strongly agree that there should be a maternity ward at Bedford Hospital and that the A&E department should be maintained.
Kerry Bedford hospital provides an integral service to the community. Reducing services would put patients at risk. Bedford is an ever growing community and this can be seen in the repeated black alerts seen in the hospital. The demand for this local hospital is huge so reducing services is unforgivable and short sighted. Keeping services open will save lives and provide the much needed service to Bedford and surrounding areas.
LINDA Bedford has a large population and needs a local hospital. Not all people have access to cars and are not wealthy, so would be unable to get to a hospital miles away. We have an aging population who need hospital treatment, their relatives also need to visit them. Why are we putting more vehicles on are already congested roads? I thought we lived in a 21st Century civilised society who look after of population properly. .
Graham Having had to use the A&E department on a number of occasions for both myself and my family I would be very distressed if it was moved away from Bedford.  The treatment which I received, if delayed by a transfer to another town, could well have resulted in a very different outcome.
Mary By continually downgrading the services at Bedford Hospital we are going to be left with nothing more than a cottage hospital. Bedford town and its population and the surrounding area is growing. We need a hospital that can match this growth not make it smaller.
Edna I have had to use Bedford Hospital quite a lot over the years and have always found it very efficient and friendly. I want to be able to continue using this hospital at it’s full capacity. I do not want to travel miles away to receive treatment and as for emergencies, it would be dangerous, I think lives would be lost. I want the traffic problem highlighted, if someone was seriously ill with something like a stroke time is of the essence and it would be detrimental to be held up in traffic.
ann Bedford continues to grow in population.  It is quite unacceptable for Bedford Hospital to be downgraded in any way.  The hospital, and the services it provides, should be expanded in line with the increasing population.
Louise We need to keep our services surley with all the new houses being biuilt in and around Bedford?….the population is going to expand rapidly in the next year or so
Claire Louise
Yvonne Utterly ridiculous proposals. Budget cuts do not take traffic, individuals circumstances or the need within each massive community for local services into consideration. Networking would be an absolute disaster and cost many lives of those unlucky or unable to travel. Get real here!
David Bedford Hospital Services should continue as set out in Forum/PWC report
Peter Bedford used to have two hospitals, North and South Wings. North was allowed to run into disrepair but was inadequate and old fashioned anyway. South Wing was expanded and modernised but Bedford’s population has been continually growing. I recent time government has (requested/imposed) larger housing stocks be built and this has been happening over the years, increasing population. All of this has put extra strain on hospital services and Bedford is nit unique in this. While savings need to be made as we are living with austerity, cutting, dissipating and moving services away from Bedford and thereby putting a strain on other areas will not be good for patients. People will probably get more ill and not seek treatment and when in a critical state will afford whatever hospital takes them more time and expense. Please take this into account for the benefit of all residents of Bedford.
Carole If changes HAVE to be made, we have to go with what the experts recommend. If people have to travel further afield for treatment, it’s obviously going to make life more difficult, especially for those like me, who have no personal transport.
Ash Leave well alone! I would like Bedford Hospital to be further funded to make it the ‘HUB’ of the hospitals nearby. Thank you.
David Bedford is a fast growing conurbation and if anything needs to expand its hospital services. The proposals that I support represent the minimum acceptable level of healthcare provision.
Ann I am greatly concerned that Bedford will be without any emergency general surgery. Patients may be “stabilized medically locally” prior to moving to a specialist unit but surely, with patients presenting with life threatening conditions, won’t this result in more patients dying in ambulances? The population of Bedford must be increasing at an alarming rate, given the number of houses being built. We need to improve the services we have not dilute them,,
David Bedford is a growing town with increasing health needs which can only be addressed by a local facility with the widest range of available services.  To reduce the capability of the hospital is to put at risk the health and the lives of patients.
Colin I strongly believe that the A&E department should stay in Bedford Hospital. With the population of Bedford increasing rapidly and the traffic situation making the journey to Luton and Milton Keynes lengthy especially during peak times delaying patients receiving urgent treatment.
Ian The size of the town is increasing year on year with more building estates in pipeline. To suggest decreased services for  an expanding population is utter madness
Vivienne Bedford is a large town with numerous outlying villages. We are also sandwiched between the A1 and M1 main routes so need to keep our Acciident and Emergenct services local – moving it away could cost lives. Maternity is also none negotiable, this has to stay, ask any mother who has very fast labours or those that have no access to a car to get to maternity if it’s 30 minutes or more away. There is saving money and then there is putting lives at risk, life is more important. We also need the old fashioned Cottage Hospital, post care back to stop bed blocking and ensure efficient recuperation of patients.
Ann Give the residents of bedford and area a fair deal
Barry The staff at BGH do a wonderful job under terrible conditions wholey caused by a lack of staff. Not supprising they cannot get the staff when the hospital is continually under threat. The people of Bedford pay the same taxes as those residents in Luton and MK and thus should be intitled to their own LOCAL HOSPITAL
Sarah Well done on gaining more support for keeping services at Bedford Hospital. It appears the report gives a balanced view. Bedford is a big town which needs emergency services inc maternity. Transport between Bedford, MK and Luton are not good enough to support the transportation of patients and their families. The thought of a 50 mile round trip with a family member who is unwell is terrifying. It is preferable to keep all services at Bedford but if this is the compromise which is backed by past consultants then its preferable to losing our A&E.
Francesco  I am appalled at these proposals to fragment 100% NHS care at the expense of people’s health, particularly that Bedford’s population is increasing daily. Why has it been even considered that Luton & Mk’s patients are are more important than Bedford’s patients to provide quality 100% NHS care.
Elisabeth It is my belief that the current ‘trend’ to only have certain services at a few hospitals is wrong headed.  I believe that ALL hospitals should have excellent services in (almost) all areas.  At a time when hospitals are overstretched, I think that rather than burdening them further by transferring patients from another area to their hospital, a much better solution would be to try and emulate their expertise locally.  Milton Keynes Hospital is woefully inadequate for the size of the (growing) population of Milton Keynes and I cannot see how this will be improved by shipping more people across to it, from the Bedford area.  The population of Bedford too is growing rapidly.  Why not make Bedford Hospital fit for purpose by strengthening it’s expertise in areas where it is (perhaps) currently weak, rather than adding to overall costs by having to first stabilise and then transport patients to an alternative location?
Senthilkumar I have no idea how they can carry this out as the population has increased so much around Bedford.I can clearly say that this has not been properly thought thru at all.These proposals will increase the risk posed to patient safety and create a lot of stress and hassle to the people living in Bedford.
Stephanie Please do not do away with our hospital services-especially a and e.This department is always busy,  I dread to think what would happen if it was not available here. During the past year I seem to have spent quite a bit of time there with my mother,  and am grateful that this above was available,  albeit that the staff were run of their feet most of the time.
Alice Really, if we are going to continue to build more and more housing in Bedford we need to be able to offer appropriate services.
Kylie Leave Bedford hospital well alone, leave it as it is. The downgrading of other hospitals has led to significant strain on the major hospitals left to pick up the pieces, resulting in a very poor service, patients being left and felt uncared for despite the best efforts of staff. (Hemel Hempstead and Watford General). Please do not make the same mistake. I would otherwise consider moving away from Bedford and I am sure that others would follow.
PAMELA Bedford is an expanding town with many new housing estates being built. The population will be forever increasing and therefore needs a local hospital.  I understand changes have to happen and the reasons why. Therefore I think the proposals of the PwC are better than the alternative of no hospital in Bedford or an extremely down sized service .
Lorraine The services that Bedford hospital provide should not be taken away. How are people going to travel to MK? What if they can’t drive? There are so many people now living in bedford and the number is growing all the time. Taking this service away could be catastrophic to the people of Bedford.
Jennifer I strongly disagree with any of our services being. It at Bedford Hospital and in particular Maternity and our A & E departments. Bedford is the County town of Bedfordshire  and still a growing town.  The distances that patients would have to travel too is totally unacceptable.   It seems to me that as the County town our title as that is being eroded.  Our hospital is very very important to the people who live and support this town.  I ask everyone to support the continuation of our hospital.  We need it to be here not anywhere else.
David A&E provision is essential in Bedford. It is too far to MK and traffic conditions are unreliable. We have recent experience of Bedford and Addenbrookes hospital. Bedford is an efficient local hospital.
Jane Reassurance needed that “no emergency general surgery” would not result in a much increased rate of mortality from acute abdomen cases, or stroke/heart attack victims. I feel that the very high standards at Bedford Hospital would be better protected by an entirely different approach – perhaps a system more closely resembling the Australian model, rather than a ‘network’ system.
Jane These proposals do not take into account those that live in the villages around any of the towns, and lack of public transport between the hospitals .Also does not take into account the ever expanding Milton Keynes population. To get from my village to Milton Keynes hospital can take anything up to an hour at certain times of day by car – that time is doubled using public transport. To get to Luton, the shortest time is 1 1/2 hours by car again doubled using public transport. The only people that are gaining anything is PwC – the amount that the 3 hospitals have paid this company could well have been used to support and improve the hospitals several years running. What a total and absolute waste of money it has been.
John Bedford should remain as a major A&E hospital, along with the associated acute departments.
Kerry Being disabled and have no transport how will I and most people like me,  be able to get to hospital. We need the a&e here and maternity unit. Please find something else to cut back on. Like turning lights on later and off earlier for one.
Sunil Well to be honest I strongly disagree on the actions for Bedford hospital to act like this. A&e speaks for it self so therefore I strongly would say do not make connections with Milton Keynes or Luton hospital.  This town has a lot of population. Do the math. Our life’s matter so do it for us and not just for the business which you guys may think it’s doing a easier job. If something is easy in life then it’s not worth doing.
balbir I think this decision is pathetic We need everything here in Bedford It will cause so much hassle for everyone to drive up to mk,dunstable Especially people who can’t drive,with young children and people That can’t travel far Imagine the time and the cost to travel all that way when we have a hospital Up the road
Karen Bedford should keep hospital as hospital not take away important services
Lynne These services are vital to Bedford.
Christine No mention is made of the growing population in Bedford and to move maternity to MK without leaving a service at Bedford may put many short labours at risk  of complications with the added journey time to MK . Would people on low incomes and those without transport be supported ?they are the people most likely to fail to attend appointments with the added burden of travel costs and time of work to attend an appt in Luton or MK would take a whole day rather than half a day if still based in Bedford. What exactly would the A&E service provide locally Uncomfortable with many areas of the proposed plan which is based on financial savings rather than the needs of local community.
sue Bedford has grown and grown; population is now higher than ever before and we need a hospital that can cover our needs.  By sending people to other hospitals is not right, will be inconvenient/if not impossible for some people to see relatives …. we are quite a poor town.  What specialists are we going to have here?  Why can we not be the hospital that other towns come to??
kim we need the wards kept at bedford as we are serving a large population of people, if anything we should make the hospital big and not get rid of departments.
Matthew Bedford is still growing in population, so I fail to see why services would be downgraded to such a degree especially A&E. This proposal leaves the citizens of Bedford in a vulnerable position if they find themselves in an emergency situation. I can’t believe this proposal for shared services is even being considered.
Elizabeth  No woman should in labour should be expected to travel to Luton or Milton Keynes to give birth. Equally, a town as large as Bedford needs an A&E department and an out of hours unit. I am not sufficiently informed to be able to make a judgement about networking.
Claire I have worked within the NHS and I have used the services of Bedford hospital. Due to complications during my pregnancy I accessed both consultant care and A&E across a 9 month period. As a non-driver I would not have been able to attend all appointments which would have potentially been life threatening. The management of my conditions over the 9 months would have been considerably cheaper to the NHS than providing emergency care and treatment had I not physically been able to attend appointments. I was on crutches and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which means taking two buses and a train to Luton hospital would have been near enough impossible
carmela Bedford is getting bigger not smaller so why do it what of people without cars who need to get the the hospital     Bedford should have its own hospital
debra I strongly believe we need an A&E Dept in Bedford, also radiology and maternity services
Kate Bedford hospital should still have an A&E department as Bedford has a large enough population which is ever growing. Moving it to MK or Luton will put people’s lives in danger as getting out of grid locked Bedford is not easy.
Tom The work of the Cygnet Wing in bringing my children into this world and then caring for them thereafter has been one of the most important factors in vindicating my choice of Bedford as a place to live. I would like it to be the same for other families and prospective parents.
Jones A and E must stay and acute care must stay.
Paula Bedford as a growing town needs its A & E and Maternity services, however I have a Feeling decisions have already been made and the hospital is working towards the outcome of those decisions, I hope I am wrong.
Manuela Bedford hospital must remain as it is. The maternity department and accident and emergency department are vital to the people of Bedford. Please leave our hospital alone. The people of Bedford have worked hard to build such an amazing hospital so it MUST remain!
Liam Keep Bedford Hospital as it stands
Richard Bedford town should  be supported by its own A&E dept
Tamsin Seems like a sensible compromise…
Nicola Bedford has a large population and needs a fully functional hospital, having needed the emergency services of A& E if we had had to go to Milton Keynes or Luton my husband would not be here today .
Pablo It is utter madness to downgrade services, patients will suffer and there will be serious implications of this move. Please can you stop spending public money with PWC as they will not care about patient care and are just looking for cost savings.  Pablo
Peter A town the size of Bedford and its surrounding area with a growing population should not have its hospital down graded and its services dismembered.  Concentrating departments such as A&E and Maternity at Milton Keynes would be detrimental to the residents of North and Central Bedfordshire and nothing short of a betrayal by Government. It suggests that care is secondary to financial cost as both hospitals are running large deficits which is symptomatic of the NHS at a national level.  Milton Keynes is struggling to cope with its own growing population let alone having to accommodate that of Bedford and Central Beds as well. Bedford Hospital is one of at least 48 across England that are earmarked by Central government to be down graded in an attempt to save money.
Bedford must be retained as a main hospital. Given to total disregard for common sense in proposing overall reductions when faced with the massive population increase of Bedford area the facility should be expanding!! Stroke victims etc will be put at grievous risk in attempting to transport them to L&D or MK.   Apparently first 20mins of medical assistance is vital to survival – it takes at best 30mins to either destination and this journey time can only get worse as population ever increases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MADNESS
A fully functioning hospital in Bedford is vital
For the good health and well being of local citizens, I wholeheartedly support.
Facilities for dealing with strokes MUST be kept locally at Bedford hospital.
This is a County Town of considerable significance and naturak beauty. We have lost our Law Courts to Luton, now our hospital is under threat, what next ? We need all the services provided by our current hospital, and must not stand by and see them taken away and given to hospitals that are miles away (and who already can’t cope themselves at the moment). Perhaps they could take it to its logical conclusion and turn Birmingham into one gigantic hospital serving the whole of the UK ! Or sell the whole lot to the USA – everything else is being sold to them ! WAKE UP BEDFORD.
With its increasing population, Bedford definitely needs a hospital that is capable of coping with any type of ailment. More should be done to stop people abusing the A & E department. Reintroduce triage system .
We should be thinking about the future of Bedford.  We should be working towards becoming a highly recognized town, to enhance our profile.We should be looking to upgrade, develop and improve our facilities
Bedford’s A&E should be kept major and should not be downgraded.
Bedford is THE county town and the hospital serves a large area. All its present services are needed by the people. The people’s needs should be more important than money savings. A lot, though, could be saved by having less managers on high salaries and go back to ‘grass roots’ health treatments and less money spent on all these consultations which is National Health money going into the wrong pockets!