Forum Survey Results

There have been 151 responses to the survey. The results to date are as follows –

Strongly Agree with the proposals – 38%

Generally Agree with the proposals – 16%

Strongly Disagree with the proposals – 28%

Generally Disagree with the proposals – 7%

No opinion expressed  – 10%

SUMMARY 90% of respondents think Bedford Hospital services should remain as they are or have only minor modifications as per the survey proposals.

The free comments accompanying the vote of those who Strongly or Generally Disagree show that 100% of these respondents disagree because they think that this Survey’s Proposals go TOO FAR in the sense of “Networking” or moving services away from Bedford Hospital. Those who voted “disagree” do not think that there should be ANY downgrading of the services currently on offer by Bedford Hospital.

Analysis of the unprompted and free comments of the respondents show that the unprompted concerns which, in the minds of the survey respondents, figure large and should determine the Future Services to be provided at Bedford Hospital are –

  1. Bedford Hospital is OK,  LEAVE IT ALONE – 66%
  2. Hospital services must meet needs of Bedford’s future Population Growth – 44%
  3. Travel Distances and Costs are Unworkable and Unfair for Bedford and District patients and their families – 40%
  4. Retain A&E services as per the Survey proposals – 33%
  5. Retain Maternity services as per the Survey – 22%
  6. Provision of Geriatric Services – 5%

To view the anonymised voting and comments please click on this link. This file has been anonymised to comply with data protection.